Stone Circles in Aberdeenshire

Stone Circles and Standing Stones

Several very impressive single standing stones survive in striking locations, possible covering burials or marking access points to significant areas of landscape. They appear to date from the Bronze Age (second millenium BC). One of the most visited recumbent stone circles in the area is the Easter Aquhorthies, located 3 miles west of Inverurie off the A96.

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Henges are ceremonial enclosures with a bank outside the ditch dating from the late third millennium BC. The few known in the north-east are small.

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There are many fascinating archaeolgical wonders to find, including Stone Circles, Round Burial Cairns, Clava Cairns, Long Cairns, Pictish Symbol Stones, Holl Forts, Settlements and Souterrains in Aberdeenshire.

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